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We Are

an intimate community of changemakers who connect at magical dinner parties around the world

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Our Story

Starting out as a membership clubhouse in Venice, CA in February 2020, one month before the national lockdown, we were still able to meet, connect and nurture one another safely and authentically. Countless relationships, friendships, and partnerships were formed. Hundreds of gourmet dinners were devoured. 


Watching the community smile, laugh, cry, and embrace one another at our dinner table made us realize our true purpose is to connect and empower humans over food. So we decided to bring our unique dinner parties to all parts of the world. 

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Eat With Us

Our unique offerings come from our ability to cultivate authentic connections and exploration of the self through our intimate dinner parties. Expect a beautiful gourmet meal with thoughtful prompts that encourage authenticity, vulnerability, and thought-provoking conversations. 


Our meals are served at both private residences and small local restaurants, as we are also passionate about giving  understated restaurants the attention they deserve.

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"We are dedicated to curating and cultivating a meaningful community that is connected in the deepest and most authentic way through the two things we love most: food and real talk."

Linh Kieu, Founder

Self-taught chef

Lover of all things Vietnam