Miracles are Everywhere

This morning I woke up with a renewed sense of gratitude. The first thing I thought of was how grateful I was of YEM Home. I decided to stop dwelling on what we have not done/still need to do and start counting the miracles that have gotten us here.

To those who know me, it is very natural that I finally created a physical community space that centers around connection and food. Even the path that had led me here made total sense, from having an underground supper club in New York to joining the Habitas community in Venice. But I, to my own surprise, had never thought I would do something like this, until the idea came to me so strong and clear in a meditation.

What was just another random idea became a reality in a matter of weeks, thanks to a string of miracles that lead me to finding the space, meeting a wonderful and understanding landlord, buying the furniture at half price and welcoming the first members…Speaking of these first members, maybe I should call them miracle workers instead. Without knowing what I was really creating, they signed up and prepaid for membership.

And I can’t talk about miracles without mentioning my amazing COO/dear friend Radka who is working for free until we become profitable, and other members who have helped tremendously with so many things from referring good people to cleaning the dishes.

What goes around comes around, it is the law of life. Just like what Louise Hay says “Life is very simple. What I give out comes back to me.” Today, I am reminded that miracles come to me because I give miracles to others. For that, not only am I thankful for others but also for myself.



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